5 -1-2023


2023 CES

Mojawa Understands What Runners Truly Need with Run Air/Mojo2 Professional Sports Bone Conduction Headphones

Mojawa introduces the Mojo2 bone conduction headphones for runners and cyclists with the lightest weight, touchpad control, waterproof build, and bass that packs a punch.  

Las Vegas, NV, Jan 05, 2023 - - Mojawa, a leading manufacturer of bone conduction headphones, amazed industry leaders and consumers at the 2023 CES with their latest flagship product: Mojo2, a product that is able to rival top players at only a fraction of the price. Mojo2 is engineered with Mojawa’s patented 3rd generation Maglev-Bass Actuator that brought the bass experience to the next level for bone conduction headphones, yet still leaves users ears open to ambient noises during exercises

More than 20,000 visitors visited the Mojawa Booth which was filled with interested customers, reporters, audio experts, industry leaders, as well as laughter, games, and prizes. Visitors were especially interested in Mojawa’s core technologies which enabled them to reintroduce to the world, the true quality of bass when combined with bone conduction technology.

A premium listening experience always starts and ends with sound. The Mojo2 comes with 3 times the vibration acceleration and higher vibrator density in comparison to similar models in the market. With an enhanced response rate and decreased latency, enjoy not just richer details in your favorites songs, but also that extra thump and boom to push runners through the last mile. At only 26g, the headset is supported with an ergonomically designed titanium frame that can bend and stretch to accommodate any head shape but still provides enough pressure to remain securely in place, even during extreme sports. It also comes with an innovative touchpad volume control that provide users with the option to adjust volume with a simple swipe. 

“A real company, making real products, needs to be made with real people that are real users with real solutions to real problems.” shares Robin Cao, Chief Executive Officer at Mojawa. “As a runner myself and a user of bone conduction headphones, I need my headphones to accomplish the following: it needs to have amazing sound quality, especially bass. It needs to be comfortable, easy to use, waterproof, and it needs to not break the bank” 

Headphones are no longer used simply for entertainment or sports. They have also become essential for work communication, daily calls, and everyday life. Hence the Mojo2 is also built for all day comfort, enhanced clarity for calls with reduced sound leakage, quick charge features, and more. It is not just a set of headphones to help you accomplish your training goals, it was also designed with everyday use in mind. 

Alongside the Mojo2, Mojawa also announced its upcoming Run&Swim series, an open-ear bone conduction headphone for swimming with built-in Mp3, mic and Bluetooth. It is set to be released later in 2023. 

About Mojawa (Mojawa Intelligent Electronic Co., Ltd)
Founded in 2020, Mojawa was born with the goal to enrich human senses with their wide-band haptics solutions. Mojawa focuses on turning the “listening experience” into a multisensory experience by transmitting sound directly to your inner ear, purely through a rich range of vibrations. With the patented Maglev-Bass Actuator, Mojawa puts a strong emphasis on increasing the quality of bass, which is the foundation for the rhythm and harmony of music. Mojawa doesn’t want to just create products, they want to create products that are better, smarter, more convenient, and affordable to everyone.

Learn more about the brand at https://mojaverse.com/

Media Contact:
Alicia Wu
Marketing Director