Letter from the CEO

Dear All,

I founded Thor in 2020, with a goal of enhancing the human experience in the digital world. I’ve always believed that the digital world is the future. But how to enrich our senses in virtual/digital world, and how to elevate the human interaction experience was something that was up for grabs.

As a Haptics Expert leading the innovation team in Apple for 6 years, the scientist in me was constantly looking to improve the products of our everyday lives. I started to notice that I was simply not satisfied with my headphones, regardless of how many new pairs I purchased. As someone who needed to stay in communication with others throughout the day, I tend to wear only one earbud so I didn’t have to constantly take them out of my ears. But it was becoming incredibly frustrating to keep losing my other earbud. So I took detailed notes and observations of my own routine and those around me, and realized that none of us were satisfied with our current headphones. The major reasons were common: ear fatigue, easy to loose, unable to stay alert of our external environments.

That’s when I turned my attention to the bone conduction headphone industry. But I still couldn’t find a good pair of headphone that was able to provide 3 essential things: safety, comfort, and good sound quality. Why? The industry was dominated by a few brands, and they held so many patents that it was very difficult for other players to enter the industry. Ultimately, this was bad news for us: the real users of the products. Because holding monopoly status reduced a company’s urgency to keep innovating or the need to listen to suggestions from actual users.

Hence, under the umbrella of THOR, Mojawa was born.

Together with leading audio experts behind us, we aimed to find other ways to solve 2 major issues in the bone conduction industry: lack of bass and sound leakage. It took 2 years, thousands of lab tests, and 3 generations of prototypes before MOJO1 was launched with the lowest bass, widest band for bass, and the highest vibration frequency in the industry. In addition to the enhanced bass quality, we also made sure sound leakage was the lowest in the industry for increased privacy, which is becoming increasingly important in this day and age. MOJO1’s ultimate goal is to bring you a well-rounded bone conduction headphone for everyday use that offered comfort, safety, security, and most importantly, quality.

A real company, making real products, needs to be made with real people that are real users with real solutions to real problems. That’s what we stand for at Mojawa.

Best Regards,

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