Mojawa Run SE

모자와 달리기 SE/ MOJO 1

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The Perfect Beginning. Engineered with your everyday needs in mind, Run SE is meticulously designed to enhance your daily routines, whether it's for fitness, work, or travel.

Bluetooth & Voice Assistant
Open-Ear Comfort & Safety
IP67 Waterproof
5-Min Quick Charge & 8H Playtime

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This Bone-Conducting Headset From Mojawa Is Just Perfect For Cyclists And Runners
Sound quality is always somewhat compromised with these type of headphones, but the Mojawa Mojo1 are an impressive example of how far they’ve come.
"Bone conduction is not very good for low frequencies, but Mojawa experts have assured that the new product is much better bass than its counterparts."

Alula-Safety Reminder


IP67 Water & Sweat Proof


Voice Assistant

Rediscover the meaning of quality bass

Powered by our 3rd generation patented bass transducers with increased DRC and vibrations, you are able to hear a broader range of deeper and richer bass. The added oscillators in the low frequency range brings out the details of the bass to reveal the true rhythm and harmony of your playlist with punching intensity. Enjoy well-balanced, high-quality sound with extra thump, punch, and boom. 

Keep your privacy, private

Our patented noise-cancelling technology drastically decreases echo and background noises by up to 60db, allowing communication to be transmitted in high-clarity on both ends. With a high concentration of vibrations in the low frequency range, your private and sensitive information are solidly protected by a 90% reduction in sound leakage.

 * A 90% reduction in sound leakage compared to similar bone conduction headphones

You run, you sweat, you wash it in the shower

Exercise with it, on your terms. A IP67 rating secures the headphone against dust, rain, snow and sweat-intense workouts. Wrapped comfortably around your head, keep your adrenaline pumping while wearing the headsets for running, cycling, or hiking in any vigorous weather conditions. Crush your training goals, then simply wash it in the shower.

 * Product can be cleaned with a simple short rinse after use. (Not suitable for swimming)

Comfort for all-day ear, even with helmets and glasses

Weighing at only 34.5g, every surface is wrapped in skin-friendly soft silicone for maximum comfort during extended wear. Its ergonomic design ensures it can be used comfortably with a wide range of gadgets, including helmets and glasses.

What's Difference

You don't hear it, you feel it.

Imagine enjoying a live band performing on the street—but you feel it through your bones.

With our patented bone conduction technology, sound bypasses your eardrums and is “heard” directly by your inner ear. This technology leaves your ears completely open to the ambient sounds around you while you enjoy your music or podcasts. It’s perfect for outdoor and indoor activities or anyone with sensitive ear canals. 

Maximize your efficiency, stay connected all day

Enjoy up to 8 hours of battery life on a 1.5 hour charge, then get an additional 2.5 hours of playtime with a 5-minute quick charge. Activate voice assistance, control your volumes, choose your songs, all with a single touch of a button. Every aspect was designed to be more convenient and intuitive for you.