Run Plus FAQs

Can it connect to two devices simultaneously?

Yes, when connected to devices A and B at the same time, if device A is playing music, you can hear the music normally. If device B receives a phone call, the headphones will automatically switch to device B and you will hear the ringing.

What are the differences compared to Mojo2?

RunPlus is our flagship new model, featuring upgraded maglevbass3.0 magnetic levitation bass technology and the World's 1st Dual Suspension Anchor System. Its sound quality is recognized by Grammy Winning Audio Producers. Additionally, it has a longer battery life, larger volume, supports Bluetooth and MP3 mode switching, has an IP68 swim-proof rating, 32GB of internal memory, and is suitable for various scenarios such as swimming, running, cycling, and office use. It is an all-scenario headphone.

Can it be worn with eyeglasses and helmet?

Yes, wearing eyeglasses and helmet does not affect the comfort of wearing bone conduction headphones.

Will it fit small or large head sizes?

MOJAWA headphones are made of memory metal titanium alloy wrapped in 100% skin-friendly silicone. During the development phase, we collected data from thousands of head shapes to optimize the design and ensure high compatibility. You don't need to worry about the impact of head size on the fit.

Does it have sound leakage?

Bone conduction headphones work by transmitting sound directly to the brain's auditory nerves without passing through the eardrums, resulting in clearer and more layered sound quality. However, as the headphones vibrate during operation, it causes sound waves to disperse into the surrounding air. Currently, all bone conduction devices on the market have some degree of sound leakage. Nevertheless, MOJAWA uses patented anti-leakage technology to minimize this issue to an almost negligible level.


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