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Why Choose Mojawa?

Mojawa isn't just a product; its a companion tailored for those who live in the present and those who seek new experiences. Our pioneering haptic technology products are crafted to accompany and elevate life's moments, no matter where you are.

Open Design

Immerse yourself while staying connected to the world around you. This design is perfect for individuals who wish to stay aware of crucial elements like a car horn, a conversation, or the soothing sounds of nature.

Unparalleled Bass Experience

Prepare for a shockingly deep and rich auditory adventure with our Maglev™-Bass actuator with no compromises.

Comfort & Safety

No matter the length of your journey, enjoy unrivaled comfort as our devices weigh in at a feather-light 26g.

Meet All Your Waterproof Requirements

Certified IP68 Waterproof. Our waterproof technology delivers crystal-clear sound quality even when submerged. Whether you're swimming, surfing, or simply enjoying the water, continue to play without interruption.

Expert Reviews

@Adam Birney

Meet your new AI sports trainer: Mojawa's HaptiFit Terra. How does having an AI assistant in your headset sound for your next workout?

@ Matthew Miller

This new bone conduction headset comes with an AI trainer, plus health tracking and more.

@Michael Sawh

The Mojawa Run Plus are versatile bone-conduction headphones that work well in and out of the water.

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Get up close and personal with Mojawa at our live events! We're excited to showcase our innovative products at prestigious shows like CES and IFA, as well as international marathons. Come test our creations, meet our passionate team, and discover how our technology differs.

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