Mojawa Run Air/ Mojo 2

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"Mojo2 Bone-Conducting Headset Is The Ideal Solution For Exercising In The Rain"

"These sound good, really good. The Mojawa Mojo 2 bone conduction headphones are its own product and a darn good one at a terrific price."

”The best bone conduction headset for saving both money and weight, the Mojawa Mojo2 offers good sound quality, new touch-sensitive controls for volume, and a waterproof build“

Professionally Designed To Master All Sports

Tired of ear pains or moist ears?
No More.

Worried about outdoor safety while listening to music?
No More.

Exhausted of losing earbuds?
No More.

The Safer Way to Exercise

Now you can sweat all you want, run anywhere you want, do all the flips you want, and Mojo2 will be there with you every step of the way. 

Light-weight, long-lasting, superior bass and maximum safety.
It’s the workout companion we have all been looking for.

Open-Ear Design

Bud free
Pain free

Pumping Bass

Patented Actuator
Superior Sound

Ultra Light Weight

All Day Comfort

IP67 Waterproof 

Rinse in water
Run in Rain

One Size Fits All

Secure Fit For Extreme Sports

Easy to Use

Minimalist Design
Intuitive Controls

Pain-Free, Bud-Free

Bone Conduction headphones work by converting electric signals into sound vibrations that travel directly to the inner ear rather than through the air into the ear canal.

By bypassing the middle and outer parts of the ear, Mojo2 is able to reduce eardrum and ear canal damages, as well as eliminate ear fatigue and possible ear infections.

* WHO has reported that 1.1 billion people face irreversible hearing loss caused by excessive volume and prolonged use of audio equipment. Severe cases can cause otitis media, tinnitus, etc.

Protecting Your Safety Outdoors

Safety is our top priority. Our open-ear design ensures your ears are fully open and alert to your environment when outdoors. Hear the horns and warning sounds while your GPS, music and podcasts continue to play.

Enhanced Bass for Enhanced Motivation

Music distracts you from fatigue, elevates your mood, and increases your endurance. With our patented 3rd generation Maglev-Bass Actuator, we took bass to the next level with 3 times the vibration acceleration and higher vibrator density. With an enhanced response rate and decreased latency, enjoy not just richer details in your favorites songs, but also that extra thump and boom to push you through the last mile. 

 *For sound under 1K HZ (low frequency), Mojo2’s bass is 10 times louder than traditional sound-generating units

Made for Movement and Security

Mojo2’s flexible yet durable titanium neckband locks securely on your head even if you flip upside down performing extreme sports. Take your passion for sports and music to the next level while enjoying all the possibilities that our unique vertical ear-hook and ergonomic design allow you to explore, without worrying about your headset falling off.

Take a Closer Look at the Details

Under the smooth silicone surface with UV and Nano Coating is a full titanium body allowing you to bend your headphones to 360 degrees in any possible way and it will still flex back to its original shape. 

Always Ready to Go

5-Min Qucik Charge for 80 mins of usage time. 6-Hour Battery Life at 75% Volume.

Compatible with Helmet and Glasses

Reduced Sound Leakage

Sinply slide up and down to control the touchpad volum without interrupting your workout.

Convenient Controls

Sinply slide up and down to control the touchpad volum without interrupting your workout.

Clear Calls

Enhanced clarity going through and no sound leaking out.