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Mojawa Run Plus IP68 Waterproof Sports Headphones

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Whether you are in water or on land, Run Plus delivers consistent and outstanding sound quality.

NBA Legend's Choice
World's 1st Dual Suspension Anchor System
Bluetooth & Voice Assistant
Open-Ear Comfort & Safety
Tuned by Grammy Winning Audio Producers
IP68 Waterproof
32GB of MP3 Storage
Quick Charge & 8H Playtime

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2-Year Warranty


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Mojawa Run Plus

Run, Swim, Cycle - Do it all.
Tuned byTop Audio Experts

Discover the mastery behind Mojawa's Run Plus, tuned by five Grammy Award-winning audio engineers.

IP68 Waterpoof

Run Plus's IP68 rating ensures full waterproof capabilities up to depths of 2 meters for up to 2 hours. Designed to be worn with swim caps and goggles, it is the ideal choice for swimmers and water sports enthusiasts.

Open-Ear Comfort & Safety

Lightweight at only 29g, it offers extreme comfort. Designed for the modern individual juggling various roles throughout their day, Run Plus allows ambient sounds—like approaching traffic or conversations—to be heard clearly.


4th Gen Maglev-Bass TM Actuator

Elevate your bass experience with our latest advancement - the 4th generation Mavlev-Bass TM Actuator

Enjoy a quicker response and reduced latency, so you can savor the finer nuances of your music.
The Haptic
Dual Suspension Anchor SystemTM

Introducing the world's first Dual Suspension Anchor System™ for bone conduction headphones. This innovation represents a breakthrough in both sound quality and stability. Experience rich and nuanced vibrations, immersing yourself in a unique musical journey.


What's Different?

Switch between Bluetooth and 32 GB Local Storage

Effortlessly alternate between Bluetooth streaming and 32 GB of built-in storage, accommodating up to 8,000 songs. Enjoy uninterrupted music during any activity, without the need for a phone and regardless of signal dependency.

Secure Fit

Built with a flexible titanium alloy, our frame ensures a snug and comfortable fit, staying securely in place during any sport or dive. The music never stops, even during an underwater tumble turn.

Cystal-clear Calls

Run Plus's patented noise-cancelling technology reduces echoes and external environmental noises by up to 40db, ensuring crystal-clear calls during your outdoor workout sessions.


Enjoy open-ear comfort and safety all day while fulfilling all your sports needs with an IP68 waterproof rating.


Stay connected with your family or children, whether you're working from home or busy in the kitchen.


Remain in touch with your colleagues and enjoy your favorite music without wondering if someone is trying to get your attention.

Up to 8 Hours of Listening

8 Hours

of Battery Life
at 75% Volume
Under Water

2 Hours

of Battery Life When Submerged 2 Meters

5 Mins

Quick Charge 1.5 hrs of Play time


Always Ready to Go

Exclusive fast charging technology – 5 minutes of charging for 1.5 hours of use. No worries if you forget to charge before heading out.

Magnetic Charging

Enjoy smooth magnetic charging, turning every charging session into a pleasure and delight.




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Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Worked for 4 month..

I got mine in January this year. I used it for my windsurfing session and paddle session. It was awesome but since I used for swimming, the main button is always stuck. It got better after a week but every time I go for my swimming session (30-45min) I have the same problem since April. It is impossible to use it after for at least a week. I am not going to use it anymore for my swimming session because I am too worried it won't work anymore.
It is a pity because the product is very awesome.

Casey Balentine
Great and durable

It’s really hard to drop these but I managed to drop mine from 35’ and hit solid concrete. I picked the up and didn’t miss a beat, literally.

Wow, what a testament to the durability of our product! We're thrilled to hear that your Mojawa Run Plus survived such a significant fall unscathed. Thank you for sharing your story with us, and we're here should you need any further assistance or have any questions. Keep exploring fearlessly!

I love this Runplus

I bought this Runplus at Electric shop @Shenzhen airport last year Nov 2023. I do lots of outdoor sports including jogging /Hiking / cycling, and swimming, and I have been looking for a headphone which can apply all my sports. the Sales lady introduced RunPlus with highlighting that can be used for swimming, also with MP3 function, so I can listen to the pre-downloaded music. Actually, I bought with some kind of doubt. But after 3 months usage, I have to see this is really great product for outdoor sport people. It really works well on all occasions for me, especially swimming I can listen my favorite songs via RUNPLUS. I am more impressed with the aftersales team quick response, recently I had some technical issues so I wrote email and within 1 hour I got reply and fixed my issues. so really thump up to RunPlus and the Mojawa team.

Thank you for sharing your fantastic experience with Run Plus! We're thrilled to hear that our headphones have exceeded your expectations and have become an integral part of your active lifestyle. At Mojawa, we strive to provide innovative solutions that enhance your outdoor sports experience, and we're delighted that RunPlus has proven to be the perfect companion for your activities, including swimming.

Your satisfaction is our utmost reward, and your feedback motivates us to continue delivering excellence. Should you have any further questions or feedback, please feel free to reach out. Here's to many more enjoyable outdoor adventures with Run Plus!

RunPlus. 1st month, regular use, minimum 3x per week in water.

Both Bluetooth and MP3 works well.
Easy drag and drop to copy files to MP3.
Giving it 4 stars for now, as I've only had it for a month.
Regular user, for aqua fitness & gym.
Sounds very good for a bone conductor headphone. Minimal sound leak - at high volumn and in quiet surrounding, so it's suitable to use this on public transport as well.
I am very impressed so far, with both customer service and product.
Will update this review in 6 months.

Hi, Jess. Thank you for sharing your positive experience with our Mojawa bone conduction headphones! Your feedback on minimal sound leak and suitability for public transport is invaluable. We're committed to ensuring your continued satisfaction and look forward to your updated review in 6 months.

Should you have any questions or need further assistance, please feel free to reach out. Keep enjoying your music on the go!

Too big!!

I bought the large ones as I have a big head, but they are huge! I don’t know who the large size is designed for…

Hi Jonathan
Thank you for your feedback. Our bone conduction headphones are designed to accommodate a wide range of users with varying sizes. While we strive to provide a size that fits most, we understand that ear sizes and shapes vary from person to person.
If you find the headphones a bit large, rest assured that they are securely fastened and unlikely to fall off.
If you feel the headphones are a bit small, we will consider offering different size options for purchase in the future. Your feedback is invaluable to us, and we are committed to improving our product to meet the needs of all our customers.