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Mojawa Run Plus IP68 Waterproof Sports Headphones

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Whether you are in water or on land, Run Plus delivers consistent and outstanding sound quality.

NBA Legend's Choice
World's 1st Dual Suspension Anchor System
Bluetooth & Voice Assistant
Open-Ear Comfort & Safety
Tuned by Grammy Winning Audio Producers
IP68 Waterproof
32GB of MP3 Storage
Quick Charge & 8H Playtime

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2-Year Warranty


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Mojawa Run Plus

Run, Swim, Cycle - Do it all.
Tuned byTop Audio Experts

Discover the mastery behind Mojawa's Run Plus, tuned by five Grammy Award-winning audio engineers.

IP68 Waterpoof

Run Plus's IP68 rating ensures full waterproof capabilities up to depths of 2 meters for up to 2 hours. Designed to be worn with swim caps and goggles, it is the ideal choice for swimmers and water sports enthusiasts.

Open-Ear Comfort & Safety

Lightweight at only 29g, it offers extreme comfort. Designed for the modern individual juggling various roles throughout their day, Run Plus allows ambient sounds—like approaching traffic or conversations—to be heard clearly.


4th Gen Maglev-Bass TM Actuator

Elevate your bass experience with our latest advancement - the 4th generation Mavlev-Bass TM Actuator

Enjoy a quicker response and reduced latency, so you can savor the finer nuances of your music.
The Haptic
Dual Suspension Anchor SystemTM

Introducing the world's first Dual Suspension Anchor System™ for bone conduction headphones. This innovation represents a breakthrough in both sound quality and stability. Experience rich and nuanced vibrations, immersing yourself in a unique musical journey.


What's Different?

Switch between Bluetooth and 32 GB Local Storage

Effortlessly alternate between Bluetooth streaming and 32 GB of built-in storage, accommodating up to 8,000 songs. Enjoy uninterrupted music during any activity, without the need for a phone and regardless of signal dependency.

Secure Fit

Built with a flexible titanium alloy, our frame ensures a snug and comfortable fit, staying securely in place during any sport or dive. The music never stops, even during an underwater tumble turn.

Cystal-clear Calls

Run Plus's patented noise-cancelling technology reduces echoes and external environmental noises by up to 40db, ensuring crystal-clear calls during your outdoor workout sessions.


Enjoy open-ear comfort and safety all day while fulfilling all your sports needs with an IP68 waterproof rating.


Stay connected with your family or children, whether you're working from home or busy in the kitchen.


Remain in touch with your colleagues and enjoy your favorite music without wondering if someone is trying to get your attention.

Up to 8 Hours of Listening

8 Hours

of Battery Life
at 75% Volume
Under Water

2 Hours

of Battery Life When Submerged 2 Meters

5 Mins

Quick Charge 1.5 hrs of Play time


Always Ready to Go

Exclusive fast charging technology – 5 minutes of charging for 1.5 hours of use. No worries if you forget to charge before heading out.

Magnetic Charging

Enjoy smooth magnetic charging, turning every charging session into a pleasure and delight.




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Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Ricardo Lemus
2 weeks review

Hi there,
Here is my 2weeks review after spending more that 25 hours of training and couple of office hours.
Running- solid performance, very comfortable and don't move at all. They are very stable in terms of not moving around even when I'm full of sweat
Bike indoor and outdoor--- very solid indoor and did performe OK outdoors since the volume is low for security reasons
Swimming--- without swim cap is perfect, however wearing my Swim cap is got kind of tide and a little bit of discomfort, so I'd suggest NO swim cap.
Office--- works great with MAC and receiving calls is just perfect.
MP3 --- easy to load music and works fine. It got a little bit weird when swimming with swim cap because star touching the side pad with loops and shuffle option.

One thing which i belive if superior, can pair with mote than one device at the same time.
I tried that with the following combination:
Cell and TV
Cell and garmin watch
Cell and MAC laptop

Overall great option for bone conducting.
Hope this helps.

Hi, Ricardo! Thank you for sharing your comprehensive review! We’re thrilled to hear that you’ve had a great experience with Mojawa over the past two weeks.

We appreciate your feedback regarding swimming with and without a cap and will consider this for future improvements. Your comments on pairing with multiple devices are particularly valuable, and we’re always striving to enhance our product’s versatility.

Thank you for choosing Mojawa and for your helpful insights. We're here to support you anytime!

Oscar Campos
Most practical running headphone

Covers all of my bases but with a bit of polishing could be excellent. Love the large buttons, they make the music listening experience more convenient while actually running. I probably would prefer buttons for the volume up/down but the touch screen has rarely bugged out on me, and I appreciate that it's a simple command that allows easy volume changes while running.

Hi Oscar! Thank you for your thoughtful feedback! We appreciate your suggestion about the volume controls and are pleased that the touch screen has performed reliably for you. Your insights help us improve, and we're committed to delivering an even better experience. Happy running and don't forget to check out our special Olympics event! : )

los mejores audifonos

My name is Jorge, and I had a very good experience with this company, and I bought some headphones from them, and they came out a little defective and I told them, and they quickly attended to me and very well they sent me new headphones for free and they did not send me the same ones that I bought. They sent the plus and I use these headphones all day listening to music receiving calls and they last almost all day I work 10 hours a day and as you can see, I have my charger at home I don't have one at work only at home thank you very much for your service

Hi Jorge! Thank you so much for your kind words and for sharing your experience with us! We're so happy to hear that our bone conduction headphones are serving you well throughout your long workdays. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we're glad we could assist you promptly. If you ever need anything else, please don't hesitate to reach out. : )

Brett Skellon
Swimming and the headset

I have been using these for pool swimming for about 3 months now. They are very awesome, super snug even through tumble turns and doing butterfly. I don't use a swim cap, so can't say if that changes things. It was easy to load MP3 music on, and it's very easy to switch to MP3 mode, as of course Bluetooth won't work in the water. There are 2 things i would like to change though. Firstly, it can be a bit challenging to "Lock" the headset for water/swim mode. even though i push 4 times, sometimes it just skips tracks rather than getting the lock sound. but it does work after a few attempts. It actually would be really useful if you could add the lock device to the phone app. Secondly the sound difference in the pool versus open air is different. Definitely louder under water. But the headset is locked so i can't change the volume. Would be nice if the volume was some sort of rocker buttons in the same place, rather than a capacitive swipe, which won't work with wet hands anyway. Overall, i am very happy with the sound, the durability, they feel and look good, and being able to listen to music during my swim has been such a good thing. The swim is much more enjoyable now, although the headset didn't make me swim any faster unfortunately :) I do recommend them.

Hi, Brett! Thank you so much for your detailed and thoughtful review! We are thrilled to hear that you're enjoying your Mojawa headset and that it's enhancing your swimming experience. Your suggestions to add the lock feature to the phone app and to implement rocker buttons are excellent, and we will certainly pass this along to our development team for consideration.

We're delighted to hear that the sound quality and durability meet your expectations, and your kind recommendation means the world to us. While we can't promise faster swim times, we are glad to know that music is making your swims more enjoyable!

Thank you for being a part of the Mojawa family. Happy swimming!

Alexandra Hafez
Need practice to smoothly switch modes

I recently received a pair of RunPlus headphones, and for the most part, I like them. They are comfortable to wear and the sound quality is good, even when cycling next to loud, busy roads or when it's really windy. Being able to listen to audio files stored on the device, without needing a Bluetooth connection to a separate device is a great feature. However, the method for switching between Bluetooth and stored audio (mp3) mode is tricky and requires a lot of practice to get the sequence and touch-pressure just right so as not to turn off the headphones instead. I think the mode switch should not be in the same place as the on-off switch. That has been frustrating, so I don't take advantage of the stored audio files as often as I'd like to.

I haven't had a chance to use the RunPlus headphones while swimming, so have no opinion on that feature.

Mojawa's customer service has been excellent in helping me figure out how to use the features that the user manual and help videos don't adequately address.

Hi, Alexandra! Thank you for sharing your detailed feedback on the RunPlus! We’re delighted to hear that you find them comfortable and appreciate the sound quality.

We understand your concerns about the mode-switching process and appreciate your suggestion. Your feedback is invaluable, and we'll certainly consider it for future improvements to enhance user experience. We're sorry for any frustration this may have caused and are glad our customer service team could assist you.

We hope you get a chance to try the swimming feature soon. If you have any further questions or need assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Thank you for choosing Mojawa!