HaptiFit Terra - IP68 All-In-One AI Sports Trainer

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Introducing the industry’s first integrated smart sports device combining haptic technology, bone conduction audio, and an AI Sports Trainer. One device to track, tune, and thrive. ​

  • Real-time Health Monitoring
  • Real-time Activity Tracking​
  • Open Ear Comfort and Safety
  • Premium Sound Quality​
  • Bluetooth and Voice Assistant​
  • IP68 Waterproof ​
  • 32GB of MP3 Storage
  • AI Training Programs​
*Pre-order Details​
THIS IS A PRE-ORDER. The estimated first batch shipment is scheduled for March, 2024. Our promise to you is simple: If for any reason HaptiFit Terra is not shipped by April 2024, we guarantee you a hassle-free, full refund. Plus, every pre-order comes with our exciting monthly product updates – keeping you in the loop as we countdown to launch day! And remember, if you need to cancel your pre-order for any reason, you can easily do so by emailing our customer support – we're here to help!

Colors: Polar Night Black
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Meet your new AI sports trainer

From SoundGuys

Leading the Audio-Haptic Innovation

Exploring the frontier of audio-haptic innovation, we blend sound with the power of tactile interactions to create an interactive experience that sets a new standard for sports technology.​

Health Monitoring

Track your heart rate reliably, with instant alerts and easy post-workout syncing.

Activity Tracking

Effortless and accurate - monitor your pace, steps, and more without missing a beat.


Monitor your health and activity effortlessly. Keep tabs on your vitals and daily movements with precision tracking.


Personalize your ambiance. Effortlessly switch tunes, lights, and sound modes to match your mood and enhance your experience.


Elevate your fitness. With an AI Sports Trainer and tailored workout programs, progress towards your health goals smarter and faster.