The AI Fitness Revolution Is Here with Mojawa’s HaptiFit Terra

The AI Fitness Revolution Is Here with Mojawa’s HaptiFit Terra

The ultimate AI Sports Trainer will replace all your fitness devices and elevate your workout with AI insights.

Los Angeles- March 26, 2024 - Today, Mojawa, the leading manufacturer of bone conduction headphones, announced that its HaptiFit Terra is now available for $299. The all-in-one device transforms fitness routines by combining the capabilities of smartwatches, headphones, and a personal trainer into a sleek, head-mounted design. The HaptiFit Terra features an AI Sports Trainer, bone conduction audio, intuitive haptic controls, and a durable IP68 dustproof and waterproof design, making it the only device athletes need to reach their fitness goals. 

Most athletic gear is designed for one purpose: tracking activity, playing music, or sharing insights after a workout. The HaptiFit Terra is an all-in-one solution with a sleek, titanium alloy frame that is light and compatible with helmets, glasses, or goggles, for training on the road, track, or in the pool. The stable fit of the head-mounted device ensures precise tracking to provide informed swim, run, cycle, and other activity recommendations. It will revolutionize fitness tracking by using bone conduction audio, haptic controls, and an AI Sports Trainer to shift workouts into complete training sessions. Music and real-time insights are delivered via the HaptiFit Terra’s open-ear design featuring magnetically levitated brass for clear, rich sound without blocking ambient noise, for awareness and safety. 

AI Sports Trainer: On Demand, Customizable Coaching 

Mojawa is transforming fitness tracking with its proprietary AI Sports Trainer. Combined with the HaptiFit Terra’s bone conduction audio and haptic controls, it simulates a personal coach giving real-time guidance. It starts by developing a personal exercise plan based on the user's fitness objectives, schedule, and fitness goals, tracked against their current running ability and most recent qualifying run record. 

Then, the HaptiFit Terra sends voice cues to adjust pace, continue for another lap, slow down their heart rate, etc. during runs, swims, or bike rides. This training guidance, delivered in real-time via the bone conduction audio works as if it was a coach running alongside the user, all while playing the user’s motivational music. After each session, the AI Sports Trainer continually adjusts the training regimen to propel users towards their fitness milestones and goals. 

Haptic Controls Make Interaction Easy

Fitness tracking is traditionally static, requiring users to complete a workout or look at a screen mid-stride to review their stats. Instead, the HaptiFit Terra simplifies user interaction through its innovative, 3D pressure-sensitive haptic controls and enables quick adjustments for activity type, volume, lights, and more, bypassing the need to use a smartphone or glance at a wrist wearable. 

Additionally, the HaptiFit Terra’s Pacer mode functions as a haptic metronome. Runners can set their desired pace and receive a “beat” that will keep them on-pace without visual cues. Plus, the device features up to eight hours of battery life and 32GB of storage to keep users motivated throughout training. 

An App to Help Users Thrive

After completing the workout, users can analyze their performance metrics such as cadence, heart rate, and swim laps on the Mojawa app (available for iPhone and Android). The app offers AI-generated training plans tailored to their goals, including a progress chart that adjusts to the user’s training timeline, such as a 12-week marathon preparation plan. Later in 2024, the Mojawa app will soon introduce social features enabling users to share their stats and foster friendly competition among peers, coaches, and trainers in real-time.

The HaptiFit Terra is available in Polar Night Black, Misty Mountain Blue, and Silver Ash Grey for $299 at

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