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How IP68 Waterproof Headphones Enhance Your Aquatic Adventures

IP68 waterproof bone conduction headphones


  1. Introduction
  2. What Does IP68 Waterproof Mean?
  3. Exploring the IP68 Waterproof Performance of Bone Conduction Headphones
  4. Conclusion


Every audiophile or fitness enthusiast knows that music can dramatically enhance the overall exercise experience. However, the challenge arises when we wish to continue enjoying our favorite tracks in aquatic environments - during swimming sessions or even while showering. This is where bone conduction headphones enter the fray. Bone conduction headphones, a marvel of modern technology, offer an innovative way to listen to your favorite tunes, podcasts, or audiobooks, whether you're hitting the pavement or diving into the pool.

What Does IP68 Waterproof Mean?

An IP (Ingress Protection) rating is an international standard that defines the sealing effectiveness of electronic equipment against intrusion from foreign bodies (tools, dirt, etc.) and moisture. The first digit after IP indicates the level of protection against solid objects, while the second refers to protection against liquids.

When it comes to the IP68 rating of bone conduction headphones:

  • The number 6 denotes that the headphones are fully dust-tight.
  • The number 8 signifies that the device can be submerged in water up to 1 meter (or more, as specified by the manufacturer) for up to thirty minutes without suffering any detrimental effects.
Products  Mojawa Run Plus High End Competitor-xxxRun High End Competitor-xxxSwim
Waterproof Rating IP68 IP67 IP68
Suitable for Swimming Yes No Yes
Bone Conduction Techonology Original Physical Bass Strengthening Technology 8th generation bone conduction technology 7th generation bone conduction technology
Bluetooth Yes Yes No
Bluetooth Multipoint Yes Yes No
MP3 storoge 32GB No 30GB
Weight 28.6g 26g 30g
Battery Life 8 Hours 8 Hours 8 Hours
Quick Charge  5-minute Quick Charge for up to 1.5 hours 10-minute Quick Charge for up to 1.5 hours No
APP EQ Setting Yes No No
Charging Time 1 Hour 1.5 Hours 1.5 Hours
Touchpad Control Yes No Yes

Exploring the IP68 Waterproof Performance of Bone Conduction Headphones

Now let's now experience the IP68 waterproof performance of bone conduction headphones in various scenarios:


The IP68 waterproof rating of bone conduction headphones enables an unmatched experience for enjoying music while swimming. As mentioned, IP68 means the headphones are both dust-tight and waterproof, able to withstand prolonged submersion in water.

The lightweight, low-profile design stays securely in place even with all the movement of different swimming strokes. The audio vibrates through your skull to reach your ears, performing consistently under water through every lap. When you first jump into the pool with the headphones on, the music plays clearly - surrounded by water yet still able to enjoy your tunes.

Since you can still hear environmental sounds, you don't need to worry about safety while enjoying the fun of swimming with music. Just like when a magic ball is thrown into the water in Harry Potter, the music keeps playing - turning what used to be a simple workout into an immersive sensory adventure.

Sports Bone Conduction Headphones ip68 waterproof earphones Outdoor Bone Conduction Headphones

At the Beach

The beach is a perfect place to take advantage of the waterproof performance of IP68 bone conduction headphones. Whether you're sunbathing, swimming in the ocean, boogie boarding or surfing - music can enhance any beach activity. IP68 waterproof bone conduction headphones open up an entirely new dimension for enjoying time at the beach.

Laying out on your towel, the lightweight and open design of bone conduction headphones means they're comfortable all day long. You can listen to podcasts, audiobooks or just your favorite playlists as you tan in the sun. The sound vibrates through your skull to reach your ears, so no excess parts block the sunlight.

Once you venture into the water, the IP68 rating ensures the headphones continue to perform. Salt water, waves crashing and sand have no effect on their functionality. You can swim and float in the ocean while the music plays clearly through every stroke.

If you're boogie boarding or surfing, the secure fit of bone conduction headphones means they stay in place even with all the movement and impacts. The sound remains clear and distortion-free so you can hear every beat as you ride the waves.


Surfing wearing bone conduction headset



Worried about missing out on important calls or not being able to listen to your podcast while in the shower? With IP68-rated bone conduction headphones, you no longer need to hit the pause button on your audio. The headphones can easily resist splashes and can be fully immersed in water, making them an excellent companion for your shower time.

Outdoor Activities in Wet Conditions

Be it a rainy run, a sweaty gym session, or a cycling spree through foggy conditions, bone conduction headphones with an IP68 rating will not disappoint. They are built to resist water intrusion to the highest degree, enabling you to immerse yourself in your activity of choice without worrying about your headphones' performance or safety.


One of the less thought about, but still significant, benefits of an IP68 rating is the ease of cleaning. Bone conduction headphones can be safely rinsed under a tap or wiped with a damp cloth without any fear of water damage. Especially after using the headphones at the beach, it is recommended to rinse them under fresh water for a bit longer to wash away any salt residue from the ocean water. Salt can be abrasive and cause corrosion over time if not properly rinsed off the headphone materials.


The introduction of bone conduction headphones has revolutionized the way we experience audio. Their ability to deliver sound through the bone, bypassing the eardrum, opens up numerous possibilities, not least of which is their use in wet environments. The IP68 waterproof performance of bone conduction headphones has made them a reliable companion for athletes, outdoor enthusiasts, and music lovers alike, allowing them to enjoy their favorite audio, come rain or shine... or even swim!

Their resilience, combined with the ability to stay aware of your surroundings while listening, makes bone conduction headphones an excellent investment for anyone seeking an unobstructed audio experience in any environment. From swimming to showering and everything in between, IP68 bone conduction headphones deliver, making them an integral part of the modern active lifestyle. So, definitely give it a try this summer - take some waterproof headphones to the beach or pool and hit play on your playlist. You will look forward to your next water sport excursion even more when you have the perfect musical accompaniment. The combination of music, water and fun in the sun is an experience you won't forget!

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